World Premiere of “Michael Jackson’s This is it”

When: Oct. 26th and Oct. 27th, 2009
Where: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Andy Transplant Foundation is invited as a VIP to attend the World Premiere of “Michael Jackson’s This Is It” as well as 2 days of events in Las Vegas…. one where the family is also receiving an award for their works in the entertainment field. We have only 4 VIP tickets left. There are 24 VIP Tickets altogether. We already have a few sponsors and they will be featured in the magazine with us. There will be world wide media coverage!

We are looking for more sponsors of $3000/package that will be recognized and can make a difference in this special edition commemorative magazine that will be signed by the Jackson family. This is tax deductible. Our sponsors can attend the event or we will represent them.


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