Director Alexandria Altman

Alexandria AltmanAlexandria Altman is Director of The North American Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc. as of Jan. 2011. The down-to-earth star has spent most of her life working in the exciting forefront of the international entertainment industry. Placing her aspiration and passion she has combined her talents to open the doors to help our children and people of all walks of life with her past involvement in philanthropy.

She connected to Lady Susan’s involvement to help save lives and to educate others merging her entrepreneurial spirit with an honorable commitment to the charity. She has been involved in countless philanthropic events and artistic projects in areas ranging from film, TV, sports, music and charity. Additionally she is well-known for her myriad talents: Music/Writing/Author/Novelist/Film Producer, now Actress and a VIP Columnist for Angies Diary.

Animals are close to Altman’s heart and with KAAC Lou Wegner, Altman’s charity works has spread over 20 charities with amazing result and continues now as she looks back at her past of another great “Gift of Music” industry days. Altman received an award from The Country Music Awards for “The Most- Outstanding Lady in Good Standing”, Award in Country Music. She participated in every area with the well known Buddy Killen and Sony and all whom love and have a passion for music like she still does.

Alexandria Altman has a huge hit on her hands with new saga Cinderella Chronicles, Snow Moon being the first in the saga now in Pre Production to produce its teaser trailer and movie trailer, with four novels adapted into film. An accomplished published author, Alexandria has four books to her credit with more on the way. As a talk show host, she interviewed guests such renowned professionals as Dr. John Gray, Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Carol Lieberman, Mark Victor Hansen, and Deepak Chopra. With an array of so many interesting people and their stories and with her talk show Mission Possible in 2001-2002 this evolved into 3 books.

Currently, Alexandria Altman and her partner, Alan Howarth formed a production company with the most exclusive offices in California. Alan Howarth, is a major well know Academy Award winning , Producer with so many movies to his credit that he is highly accredited for Academy’s of the team, include Hunt For Red October and Bram’s Strokers Dracula ,not to mention Howarth is known as the Sound lord of the Industry with all Seven Star Treks and Jim Carey The Mask and Escape From New York.

Prior to this Altman wrote a simple book for a well known friend named John Carpenter whom she admired for his bravery called John Carpenter speaks out, in 1998. She never expected it to be a continuous impact on entertainment as a hit internationally. It was just written and intended to be his personal life story which spoke of heroes.

Among her friends and business associates are Chubby Checker. For more than 22 years she has enjoyed working with the legend that is still going strong with twisting and his new single choices and rising to the top.

With NASCAR, Altman had her own NASCAR team with her then husband back in the 90’s. It was such an interesting ride and she loved the fast cars and spirit of NASCAR fans and their fortune 500 companies sponsorship of the car called FAN CAM.

Music Career has been a lifelong passion and Altman has recognition and is well known for her philanthropic ways and highly successful business ventures in all area of music to press, media management and her own recording label called BDE records even when the music industry slowed and changed. She then started writing her novels and creating sagas with her imaginative storytelling through faith, music and lots of light with dreams to follow.

Altman now is back to her roots in Hollywood filming and Acting and producing to movie trailers to ghost writing movies and TV scripts and all that applies. She continues to serve on The North American Andy Transplant Foundation and as Director on key development projects. Thanks to events like the charity being spotlighted at the OSCARS 2014 GIFTING SUITE in Beverly Hills, she can continue with the board and advisors to work, grow and carry a powerful message of organ transplant crisis and fulfill a promise of this extraordinary vision.