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The N.A. Andy Transplant Foundation, Inc.

About Us/Our Mission:

Established in 2004, The Andy Transplant Foundation’s, (AGC) objective is to save lives, educate others and to make a difference through charitable fundraising supporting transplant patients, families, future initiatives and research development.

Through our media network, we bring informative data to educate the public on identifying critical gaps on our planet and show how we can increase our vital role in supporting our organ transplant donation programs, humanitarian efforts, innovative research and development & technology.

With a promise to our children, the Foundation provides Ambassadors with mentorship programs to impact on the lives of others to make a positive and noble change in our world.

The foundation is headquartered in Wilmington, North Carolina with operations throughout the world.

For more information about the Andy Transplant Foundation and to find out how you can help go to www.andytransplantfoundation.org.


Andy’s Story

The Andy Transplant Foundation was established by Susan Thompson in memory of her brother Andy who passed away from complications due to liver failure after not getting the transplant he so desperately needed. Andy was diagnosed with liver disease while in his early thirties. Soon there after he was identified as being in critical need of a transplant and was placed on the dreaded wait list. While waiting over 2 years for a donor organ, Andy’s health progressively worsened.

With time running out, and despite risk to personal well being, family members and friends came forward and expressed their willingness to become live donors. Following an extended and frustrating test period, two acceptable donor candidates were identified, both willing to undergo the required surgery in the hopes of saving Andy’s life. But sadly time had run out for Andy. While waiting for a bed to come available at the nearest hospital capable of performing the specialized operation, his health rapidly declined. Two weeks following donor acceptance, the doctors deemed Andy no longer viable for transplant surgery. He passed away on February 25, 2003 at the untimely age of 37. Andy left behind a grieving wife and four young children, a sister and parents who loved him deeply and many saddened relatives and friends. He will always be remembered as a kind, caring and intelligent person with God given potential and ability to make a difference. He is dearly missed.

Susan established the foundation in fulfillment of a commitment she made to her brother during his final hours to help others in need of organ transplants.

Board of Directors

Director and President/CEO, Treasurer and Secretary Lady Susan Thompson

VP of Innovation and Green Matters: Georges LeClere

Nurses Alliance Network Director: Patricia Wiman

Non-Voting Members

Director: Alexandria Altman

Officer of Network and Alliance Development: Zak Ambrose 

Officer of International Public Relations and Donations Development: Dr. John Taccarino

Fundraising Consultant: Joan Clark

Joel Ward, Attorney (Consultant)

Partners & Links


Jackson Family Foundation

LVH Media

Reelfocus.com (Lady Susan is the Charity Ambassador for Reelfocus.com (Australia)



Partial Board of Advisors

Partial Celebrity Supporters

Dr. Robert Kast Franco Harris
Eugene Mandelcorn Mario Lopez
Robert Merowitz Clay Aiken
James Guyer Fay Aiken
Donna Bennett The Carolina Railhawks
 Paul Sladkus Carolina Hurricanes
 Dr. Colleen Karr Punchin’ Pat – World Champion Cruiserweight Boxer


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