andys 11th anniversary

Andy's 11th Memorial Day is Feb. 25th, 2015

What is the NAATF?
PSA Video Created by - UNC Chapel Hill- Students- School of Journalism 19th Annual Academy Awards Rodeo BH Gift Sweet Sponsorship

"Alethia" means "TRUTH" In GREEK

  • A - Andy's memory & Critical Issues
  • L - Leadership Initiatives
  • E - Educating Our Children
  • T - Transplants & SAVING LIVES
  • H - Humanitarian Efforts
  • I - Initiatives in Research & For Our Future
  • A - Assisting all Charities with Technology

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Susan Thompson with Mario Lopez susan thompson
The Latest news from the North American Andy Transplant Foundation
Pics from Oscar Suite 2014 - Roger Neal Style Hollywood Oscar Couture Suite

Roger Neal Oscars: Day 1

Roger Neal Oscars: Day 2

Roger Neal Oscars: Day 3

Our Special Guest at the Oscars Gifting Suite is: Dr. Richard Darling

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Andys Global Charity(AGC) Spotlighted Again at 2014 Oscar Gifting Couture Suite

Andy Transplant Foundation is spotlighted again at the 2014 OSCAR GIFTING COUTURE SUITE IN BEVERLY HILLS with ROGER NEAL STYLE HOLLYWOOD …More to Come

2012 After the Oscar’s Interview

Click Here to listen.

Interview from Oscar’s Gifting Suites

Andy Transplant Foundation’s interview with Mikayla and Shayna in Beverly Hills

Here are just some of the interviews and PR that Andy Transplant Foundation received already on the web from the Oscars Gifting Suites apart from doing our own interviews and spotlighting the event. A special thanks to come to our very special Sponsors and Volunteers for Supporting Us. Thanks also to all of you for your continuous effort to pay it forward to make a difference!!!!

See Roger Neal’s article

Hollywood Today

Beck Smith Hollywood

Interview with the Founder

LA Talk Radio

LA Splash

Mingle Media TV Network

House of Minerva

You Tube

You Tube

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